IPEVO – Israeli Professional Enology and Viticulture Organization

IPEVO – the Israeli professional organization for wine production and Viticulture, unites the professionals of the local wine industry, the organization began its activities in 2012 with the aim of promoting technical and professional cooperation, as well as general issues within the Israeli wine industry.

Many of the world's leading wine regions are characterized by a high level of cooperation within the industry. Out of such mature wine regions there are a large and diverse number of organizations that create collaborations on different issues and in different forms between the members of the organizations.

One of the important groups contributing to this effort and the collaborations within the industry is the group of winemakers and winegrowers of the wineries.

The organization began its activities in 2012 and since 2019 is a registered association.

The goals of the organization are:

To encourage, nurture, promote excellence in wine growing and wine production in Israel.

To serve as a basis for projects of technical cooperation between members of the organization.

To serve as a platform for presentations and discussions on relevant topics, research and technical and technological developments to promote the Israeli wine industry.

To promote the Israeli wine brand in Israel and around the world.

To deal with the issues of the series (regulation) of the Israeli wine industry, including:

  • Vine propagating material;
  • Legislation affecting the wine industry in Israel;
  • Lobbying with relevant organizations and government bodies to advance the interests of the Israeli wine industry and members of the organization;
  • Collaborate with other wine industry organizations – national and international.

The organization brings together winemakers and agronomists from all the wineries in Israel, and holds regular meetings throughout the year, along with work on various projects in the field of vineyards and wines.

As of June 2021, the organization has about 70 members from all wineries in the country.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

Chairman – Victor Schoenfeld (Golan Heights Winery).

Treasurer – Olivier Prati (Tepperberg Winery).

Speaker – Naama Sorkin.

Secretary – Dror Engelstein (Sorek Winery).

Member of the committee – Gil Schatzberg (Recanati Winery).

Member of the committee – David Bar Ilan (Tulip Winery).